What weak promotion can do to a film is borne out by the initial of Thank You today. It is no secret that the promotion of the Akshay Kumar starrer was not up to the mark. The trailers failed to make an impact or create excitement for the comedy film. The music also did not become too popular. The worst fears of the industry came true this morning when the film took a dull opening at many places. While the initial in single-screen cinemas was fairly good, the opening in multiplexes was way below the mark. The collections in the first show especially (10 a.m., 10.30 a.m. or 11 a.m. show) were quite dull. Agreed, Akshay Kumar is not the hot star he used to be earlier but this kind of dull opening has come as a shock to the trade. Had UTV concentrated a little more on its promotion, the film would’ve definitely opened to more robust houses.

Thank You: Poor Promotion... Dull Initial, Thank You Movie Box Office Report (Thank You Movie Poster)

The trade has not taken very kindly to the lack of initial for ‘Thank You’. In sheer disgust, some industry people have been comparing the opening of ‘Thank You’ to the initial of a non-star cast film like F.A.L.T.U. or last week’s poor starter, Game. Of course, the initial of ‘Thank You’ is not as poor as is being made out to be by a dejected trade but 20-25% collections in multiplexes in the first show are nobody’s idea of a flying start, for sure.

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