This incident will shock you.

At the recent opening of the showroom of Harley Davidson in Bombay, at least three stars made an appearance at the showroom to test-ride the high-end motorbikes. The Harley Davidson people were shocked when the three actors – of whom two are huge stars and one is the brother of one of the two top stars – demanded that they be given free motorbikes. They tried to explain to the motorbike company people that Harley Davidson bikes would get free publicity worth crores of rupees if they were seen riding them. Very politely, the man at the counter turned down the request of the three stars explaining to them – again, very politely – that Harley Davidson didn’t need Bollywood stars to promote its motorcycles. One of the two top stars is said to have lost his temper when his plea was turned down. While all that is fine, it baffles one to imagine how the three stars must’ve begged for free motorbikes when a Harley Davidson costs only Rs. 9 lakh. Rightly did someone say, “The stars put their hands inside their pockets to only keep money there, never to take it out!”

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