Sushant Singh Rajput's Family Introduces 'Nepometer'; Alia Bhatt's Sadak 2 Rated 98%
The step has been taken by Sushant Singh Rajput’s family to fight nepotism in Bollywood

A Twitter handle dedicated to ‘Nepometer, described as an app to gauge how ‘Nepotostic a film is, has been impressing netizens no sooner.’ It was launched by late actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti’s brother Mayuresh Krishna.

The official handle describes Nepometer as a device “providing score and rating on Nepotistic and Independent Bollywood movies and TV”.



The first film rated on Thursday on the Nepometer is for Mahesh Bhatt’s upcoming “Sadak 2”, starring Alia Bhatt and Pooja Bhatt in the cast, and produced by their uncle Mukesh Bhatt.

According to the Nepometer, Sadak 2 is 98 per cent Nepotistic!

“#Sadak2 is 98% Nepotistic. We rated it based on 5 categories, Producer, Lead Artists, Supporting Artists, Director & Writer. 4 out of 5 categories have Bollywood Family members. When #nepometer is high it’s time to #boycottbollywood..Will you watch this movie? Tell us in comments,” tweeted @nepometer.

The Nepometer initiative launched on Twitter seeks to fight nepotism in Bollywood with adequate information.

“Fight Bollywood Nepotism with Information. We will provide rating for movies based on how nepotistic or independent movie crew is. If the #nepometer is high, then it’s time to #boycottbollywoodnepotism #fightnepotism,” reads a tweet describing the app.

Users were suitably impressed. Reacting to the Nepometer rating of “Sadak 2”, a user tweeted: “#Nepotism is an issue whn it gives opportunity to non deserving 1s hvng 0/low acting skills like AP, SAK, VD etc. Thr r some good #nepokids actors too like Shahid K, RanbirK, Hrithik, FarhanA. Will b grt if #Nepometer considers all unbiased angle.”

Reacting to the tweet, the Nepometer makers replied: “Agreed. Goal is to drive change of overall composition. We are not saying don’t make movies with your kids. But the overall crew should have diversity. If one leading artist is nepo kid, let’s have another leading independent artist. Same goes with other categories like Director etc.”

Sushant Singh Rajput’s death has once again stirred the debate on the alleged practice of nepotism in Bollywood. Netizens feel the young and talented actor was a victim of nepotism. Now it seems, his family also believes the same.

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