I Love NY Movie Poster
I Love NY Movie Poster

Is I Love NY, upcoming film of Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut, remake of a Russian film. If First Look of the film is any indication, it certainly looks like. The source of inspiration this time around is ‘The Irony of Fate’ which was made in Russian and released way back in 1976 as a television film.


“If one goes by what has been presented in the promo and the core storyline of ‘The Irony of Fate’, there are way too many similarities to be ignored. Just like the Russian original, characters in I Love NY also go through bizarre situations where Sunny accidentally enters Kangana’s house thinking of it as his own. This despite the fact that both actually live in different cities”, informs a source.

In the original, it is the quirky turn of events that lead to this situation since after a drunken night, the male protagonist thinks that he has returned to his home town when the fact remains that he hadn’t travelled anywhere. However since his house looks exactly the same as that of the female protagonist and even the locks are just the same, he doesn’t find any issues in entering it while believing it to be his own.

“With both films seemingly carrying similar plotlines, one waits to see the kind of ingredients that director duo of Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru (who have earlier made Salman Khan starrer Lucky – No Time for Love) have added to I Love NY to further spice up affairs. One thing is sure though that the film carries ample scope for entertaining audience”, the source adds.

As per information available, this mighty famous original film is traditionally broadcast in Russia and the former Soviet Republics every New Year’s Day and is widely regarded as a classic piece of Russian popular culture. No wonder, Sunny and Kangana would indeed be hoping that a similar fate awaits their film in India as well.




  1. I saw a trailer – I disappointed. I from Russia, expected the bigger! From the original only the general line remained. Kangana’s heroine – the hysteric woman, Deola-… ? ? ? The original – the clever movie, sincere. There it is necessary to worry, reflect, and here – stupidity! Though it only a trailer, we will live we will see!
    But I am afraid that anything good doesn’t leave!

    • I am from india, I recently saw the trailor of moie i love new year.. its intresting. ..odd couple and fresh storyline…wil go for it


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