It was 25 years back when Ghayal released in theaters, and turned out to be a sensation. I still remember being in school at that time. The first thing that caught my attention was the song ‘Sochna Kya Jo Bhi Hoga Dekha Jaayega‘. The second was a power packed promo.


And before I knew, it was time to enjoy the clash between Ajay Mehha (Sunny Deol) and Balwant Rai (Amrish Puri). From year 1990 to 2015, a lot has changed. Sunny Deol has returned to direction, Amrish Puri is no more and Ghayal continues to have a fantastic recall value. Now with Ghayal Once Again, it is time to step on the drama…once again.

Since Ghayal Once Again is one of the rare sequels that is coming in 25 years after the first part was seen, how is essence of Ghayal established this time around?

“At the end of the day, Ajay Mehra stands for Ghayal,” smiles Sunny Deol, “When I take forward Ajay Mehra, I take forward the core essence of Ghayal too.”

Sunny Deol
Sunny Deol

Further elaborating on the character, Sunny says, “Back then, Ajay was young. Today, he has grown older and has gained from experience of life. Since he has seen so much in his life, he could have either moved ahead or further deteriorated. What we have done is to take him ahead.”

Reflecting on quarter of a century gone by, Sunny observes, “Over a period of time, I think that in the core of our heart and the behavior, we have only deteriorated. The kind of society that we live in has gone bad. This is the reason why there are so many things that are going wrong around us.”

When asked to elaborate, he says, “Just look at it – things are still bad; it is just that they are happening in a polished and sophisticated way or may be in a hidden way. What is happening right now is bad. Back then, there was still some value for the country. Today, I see that diminishing.”

“We all have a glimpse of a Balwant Rai in us; we have become grey. I am trying to tackle it now on screen. Back then, Ajay’s fight was with one Balwant Rai. Today, there are so many Balwant Rais in our life,” Sunny makes a statement here.

We agree!

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