Ranbir Kapoor is the best fit to play Sanjay Dutt on-screen, says the latter’s Rudraksh co-star Suniel Shetty.

Suniel was present at the semi-final of the Wheelchair Cricket Series between India and Bangladesh on Tuesday.

As Sanjay’s biopic is in the making, Suniel was asked if there will ever be a film on his life.

Ranbir best to play Sanjay Dutt, says Suniel Shetty
Suniel Shetty Says Ranbir Kapoor Is The Best To Play Sanjay Dutt

He told the media, “I don’t think its worthy, but Sanjay’s biopic is happening and I think nobody else would do a better job at playing Sanjay than Ranbir. I saw Ranbir’s pictures and he looks exactly like Sanjay.”

Suniel was happy about supporting a tournament for the physically challenged.

“I think cricket on a wheelchair is an amazing concept, I would like to congratulate the organisers and NGOs those have made it happen. We should take more initiatives like these. By God’s grace we have everything and still if we look at their spirit and energy we will be able to learn a lot.

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