Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Sidharth Malhotra, Jacqueline Fernandez, Darshan Kumar, Suniel Shetty

Director: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK

A Gentleman Movie Review
A Gentleman Movie Review

What’s Good: Sidharth Malhotra and moments of breath-taking action

What’s Bad: The disjointed script, the convoluted second half, and a half-baked plot

Loo Break: A couple of places, esp. in the second half

Watch or Not?: Yes. Sidharth Malhotra being one of the major reasons.

User Rating:

The film starts off with the introduction of a ‘totally safe’ Gaurav (Sidharth Malhotra) and an ‘action-packed’ Rishi (Sidharth Malhotra). While Gaurav works in the marketing department of a leading software company, Rishi works in ‘Unit X’ as the ‘Man Friday’ of Colonel (Suniel Shetty), a self-centered high profile badman, who does not think twice before bumping off any of his henchmen for his own benefit. The ‘future-perfect’ Gaurav nurtures his long cherished dream of having his own lavish house so that his children can play at ease. Even though he is in love with his colleague Kavya (Jacqueline Fernandez), he does not muster the courage to confess his love for her. On the other hand, after having worked for so many years for Colonel, the trigger-happy Rishi decides to call it a day and have a peaceful life, minus any violence.

When Rishi tells Colonel about his decision to leave ‘Unit X’, the initially reluctant Colonel allows him to leave the outfit, but, only after completing one last task. Wasting no time, Colonel instructs his men to bump off Rishi once the task is completed. Do Rishi and Gaurav ever cross each other’s paths, what connection do Rishi and Gaurav have with each other, what happens to Rishi and Gaurav in the end, does Gaurav become successful in realising his dreams and does Rishi become successful in completing the given task by the Colonel, is what forms the rest of the film.

A Gentleman Movie Review
A Gentleman Movie Review

A Gentleman Review: Script Analysis

Even though Bollywood is not new to the concept of double roles, what makes A Gentleman different (only a ‘bit’) from others is the treatment which has been meted out to the film. This is not one of those films wherein the double roles are separated by their respective costumes. Even though the film’s first half sets the mood and the pace of the film, the second half tends to slow down, but, picks up the pace as the film progresses. Chopping off a few scenes (editing) in the second half could have worked miraculously in the film’s favour. The film’s script appears convoluted as way too many events get thrusted in the second half in order to make the film more convincing all of these only lands up making a mess of the film when the ‘suspense’ gets revealed.

A Gentleman Review: Star Performance

As the title suggests, the film is an author backed role for the hunky and suave Sidharth Malhotra. After having done films like Baar Baar Dekho and Kapoor & Sons, it’s a given that the Malhotra lad is definitely on an experimenting spree with his characters. Maybe, that explains why he gave his nod to be a part of A Gentleman, which has him in a ‘double role’. Since the two roles (read ‘characters’) are not separated by their looks and costumes, it was quite a task for Sidharth Malhotra to pull it off. And boy! He manages to impress you with both the roles.

On the other hand, Jacqueline Fernandez does nothing besides providing the glam quotient in the film. Her pole dance has already become a talking point of the film. Even though she attempts her best to exhibit her acting prowess, she still lands up struggling at a few places. On the other hand, Darshan Kumar, who has done films like Mary Kom, NH10 and Sarbjit impresses with his acting skills. Despite being in a ‘guest appearance’, the film marks the comeback of Suniel Shetty, who does his role with his usual sincerity. Given the right set of roles, Hussain Dalal will surely be a delight to watch out for in the days to come. Rest of the characters help the film move forward.

A Gentleman Review: Direction, Music

After having done films like Shor in the City, Go Goa Gone and Happy Ending, the film’s director duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K. (widely known as Raj and DK) have tried their hand in the thriller genre with A Gentleman. After having to start off on an impressive note in the first half, the audiences expect the film to have all the elements of a thriller. But, as the film moves on, one notices that the film starts going astray because of its confusing script. Despite the efforts from the directors, the audiences start feeling bored and their senses being taken for granted in the second half, thanks to the ‘ suspense revelation’. The film’s music (Sachin–Jigar) is just about average, with no memorable songs. At the same time, the film’s background score elevates the narrative and the proceedings. Cinematography by Roman Jakobi is impressive. The film’s breath-taking action definitely forms one of the highlights.

A Gentleman Review: The Last Word

Even though the film’s trailers and the first time pairing of Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez created all the possible excitement to drive the audience to the theatres to watch the film, the film, in totality fails to impress. By the time the film ends, it lands up disappointing the cine goer. At the same time, for all those who adore and idolize Sidharth Malhotra, A Gentleman serves as the perfect ‘visual treat’ for them.

Two and a half stars!

A Gentleman Trailer

A Gentleman releases on 25th August, 2017.

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