Media was excessively interested in the music launch of Chennai Express after the news of his third baby came out in the media. As media people flocked around Superstar SRK asking him to confirm the news at yesterday’s event in J.W Marriott, he admitted to it saying that he would rather refrain from the questions at the moment.

Wickedly dodging the questions, the actor however never disagreed to the news. He continued, “It is extremely personal and confidential and I would request everyone here tonight to have a great time. It’s a little mix of sadness and happiness what’s happening at this point of time. I would request everyone to show the same alacrity in doing the enthusiastic investigations that they are doing on my baby upon other things which it should be!”

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

It is possible that the news of their new baby boy being unwell is true. According to reports the baby was kept in post natal ICU as he was underweight and delivered prematurely.

However, SRK, being the sporting man he is, smartly shifted the focus of his guests back on the music launch and concluded by saying, “Let’s get on the train baby, my baby will talk about some other time.”

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