Superstar Shah Rukh Khan has been advised complete bed rest following the accident on the sets of Happy New Year. Though it was earlier presumed that the actor had scraped off with minor injuries, he was later taken back to Nanavati Hospital after shooting for further tests on Thursday night.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan


Newer reports prove that SRK suffered from a shoulder fracture and his left knee’s patella tendon is torn. The doctors have advised him to take complete bed rest for a few weeks before he resumes shooting for the Farah Khan directorial.

Koimoi wishes SRK a speedy recovery!

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  1. Get well soon. Iss Diwali todega records Happy New Year. Shame on Salman for being mean by saying this injury was hyped to draw attention from Jai Ho.

  2. @Manjusha, The door should have fallen down on his shoulder, right side of head bled out with gash …and he must have kneeled down got impact injured on his knee. One doctor statement said the shoulder injury was actually a bone bruise … I think brusies don’t show well on X-Ray.

  3. Poor salman…dis shows how insecured he is frm srk…stating this news as d publicity stunt of srk to draw away attention from jai ho..dis shows tht he even doesn’t have faith in his movie…calling himself a being human, he even made fun of srk’s injuries..”safalta ka nasha jab dimaag main chadhta hai naa…to insaan aisi harkatein karta hai..sambhal jao salman..abhi bhi waqt hai…”may god bless him…


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