Singer Chitra's Daughter Drowns In Dubai The new year, Vishu, began on a tragic note for Indian playback singer K. S. Chitra after her eight year old daughter drowned in a in a swimming pool in Dubai. Nandana, Chitra’s daughter, was immediately rushed to a hospital, where she was declared dead.

Singer Chitra, 47, was in Dubai as part of A. R. Rahman’s music show in Sharjah. Chitra and her family were staying in a villa at Emirates Heights where the accident happened.

Nandana was born to Chitra and husband Vijayashankar after 15 years of their marriage, in 2002. Despite Nandana’s special condition, Chithra had brought her up like a normal child, and Nandana was a Class I studying in Chennai. Nandana’s body will be brought to Chennai where the last rites will be conducted.

Chitra, popularly known as “South Indian Nightingale”, completed three decades as a playback singer in January this year. She has rendered more than 15,000 songs in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali and Punjabi films, including songs in films like Rang De Basanti, Parineeta and Aks. She has won six National Film Awards (in four different languages), five Filmfare Awards and more than 30 different state film awards.

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  1. Really very sad news. Let the almighty give them strength to overcome this sorrows. Nobody can console Chitra chechi. Oh god, why r u doing such cruelty?

  2. Everyone who has a daughter could imagine how they might be feeling.There is no meaning for words. But still, what a tragedy.

    Strange are the ways of God.

    Oru kanneer puvu for little Nandana

    • Y r u bringing ur so called “Jesus” in this? Ur name looks like a Hindu name…forst learn to have manners not to spoil age-old traditions by not converting to other communities…

        • Hey.. Are you fools? Don’t you guys know where to fight? It’s better, if you both shut your mouth. She’s trying to convey her message to the family. What bothers you? You are not humans at all

  3. sry chitra chechi :(
    hey listen any body can say wat ever they want okay so jus shut up n think about the loss of the family n donot dare say anything about jesus

  4. Dear Chitra Cechi
    We cant image you without smile in your face. Let almighty give both of you strength to recover from this tragedy. May Nandana’s soul rest in peace.

  5. Nandana has passed away by giving a feel that we lost a child from our family. Please dont misuse this turn to debate on religious matters. Really chithra or the people who love chithra does not want this kind of stupid murmours

  6. Shri Chithra,

    I know how precious is Nandana to you and all of us. I was dreaming another sweet junior Chithra. Only the divine should give you the strength to bear the loss. My family will pray for the soul to rest in peace.


  7. Oh My God.. What a great loss to the nightingale!!! May the great little soul rest in peace. I understand the kind of the trauma that your family is going now.!! Very Very tragic to your family.

    Though it takes a very long time to recover, I wish you recover soon.

    All My prayers with your family

  8. sorry chitra aunty……..i d’nt expect this.cute child..may her soul rest in peace…heart full condolence to chitr aunty& family….oh god ..

  9. Chitra, oh my sister…May God give u courage to withstand this sorrow… You can, because u breathe music. Sing for the child..brotherly yours, bluemist

  10. Chitra… You are loved by lakhs of people … so was your daughter. We will pray to God almighty to give you strength and courage to overcome this tragedy.
    We want to see smile on your face again.

  11. heart breaking news for everyone. The little angel is in heaven.God give them the courage to overcome this tragic situation. Chithra we want your voice and your smile everytime. God has his own plans defnitely God wont let u down.

  12. Indeed very tragic. may god give the family strength to cope this loss and i fervently pray that God will bless her with another child soon..

  13. Dear Chitra amma and vijayashanka appa ,

    I dont have any words to tell – after hearing this i am thinking whether god is there or not —

    Please try to consol urself -even i have lost my younger sis at the age of 17.

    I pray god to give u strength to relieve from this hard pains – We all are there for u as your daughter

    Nandana has not gone anywhere she will be always with u as ur voice and ur singing. So please amma and appa -we all are here.

    Gayathri and family.

  14. Dear mam, heart breaking news mam, May the Lord give u peace and comfort u mam. Nandana will be in the hands of Jesus mam. I will pray for u.

  15. very painful news on chitrakani…. let nandana’s soul rest in peace.. let we pray all together that chitra aunty’s smile should not vanish ever…we want her back as first

  16. It’s a shocking news. We lost a cute Nandana.hearty condolences,may the good god console you and your family

    Ajitha Dinesh & Family

  17. chitra deedi how ican express my feelings i cant sufer it how u sufer i pray my god for ur daughter my herty condolans deedi pray to god forforgiveness to all

  18. Chitra garu you are the most favourite singer to me and my is very shocking to know the news.I dont have any words to say.Our heart felt condolenses to you and your family.

  19. May god her the courage to face and may god bless the chiids soul . pl chithra god has given you her for short time and taken
    her back when the time came.

  20. Dear Chithra ji… i had grown hearing your songs.. i was 8 years when you first sang in poovae poochudava… still now that song stands first in my list of favorite songs.. i was one among the person who felt immense happy when the news of nandana born to you came… it was god’s gift to you after 14years. i had been watching you for many years… i was happy that god would also bless me with a child as i am also like you waiting for many years…

    now that this tragedy has happened to you…. i don have any words or anything to tell you..
    i don understand the equation of nature…
    but i strongly tell you…please accept what god has god to him…don curse him nor ignore him… he does all for a cause… please reconcile yourself… I am all the time praying to give you the strength to withstand this sorrow…
    right from the moment i heard this news i am praying only for you chitra ji….

    please calm yourself ji…

  21. My deepest condolences to chitra chechi n her family… I know losing something so precious is like losing a part of our body which cant be replaced by any cost… My fervent prayers with chitra chechi n her family.
    I read some of ur so called condolence msgs guys. y do u bring JESUS or any other GODS in ur ecommunictions. Nirmala’s god is jesus while the guy who contradicted is a hindu. Religion is a personal choice pls dont make it communal. My dad is a Potti brahmin from mangalore n my mom is a protestant christian from chennai i’ve followed both the religions religiously…. If jesus and his miracles r not present then y divine retreat(chalakudy) jesus calls (chennai) n velankani r working n healing millions of people….. If guruvayoor sabarimala n thirupathi r not true then y r miracles happening every time there and y do people from all over the globe throng dis place in millions. If allah the almighty is not true y do our islam bretherns go to the holy mecca wid full of faith n a clear heart…… So mr/ms sakky stop booing or hurting some ones sentimental values or their faiths n try to extend ur heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family in a
    Cordial way. Thanks:).

  22. dear cithera cechi

    Jesus please comfort her family, “chitra mam dont worry about her, she is with jesus.pls come back to cine filed.
    Nygin vinsraj.T


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