Actor Shreyas Talpade has urged netizens not to get “duped” by a person who is misleading people on social media by using his wife Deepti’s name as the Amazon casting head.

“Deepti and I were shocked when we found out. A friend actually sent us screenshots and this impostor is using Deepti’s photographs as their own. It’s very disturbing and disconcerting.

Shreyas Talpade warns fans about wife's impersonator
Shreyas Talpade Comes To Rescue For Wife Deepti As Social Media User Impersonates Her As Amazon Casting Head!

“I want people to be aware of this. Deepti is an independent producer and has made some wonderful films. She is not the casting director at Amazon. I hope nobody gets duped by this person,” the “Iqbal” actor told IANS.

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