If there’s a jinx about releases in the first week of January, why do producers release their films in that week?

You answer my question before I can answer yours: when the success ratio of films is barely 20%, why do so many new producers enter the industry every year?

Are the Barjatyas right in releasing their ‘Isi Life Mein…!‘ in opposition of a big film like ‘Tees Maar Khan‘?

The Barjatyas have never really fixed the release dates of their films based on oppositions. Their philosophy is clear: if a film has merits, it will work. Besides, they will have a limited release for Isi Life Mein…! (around 200 cinemas) as against the very wide release of Tees Maar Khan.

Is it true that Sonakshi Sinha has been signed for the ‘Race’ sequel? Who is she paired with?

Yes, it’s true that Sonakshi Sinha has been signed for the Race sequel. Like Deepika Padukone, Sonakshi will also romance both, Saif Ali Khan and John Abraham in the film.

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