Shekhar Suman SLAMS Rhea Chakraborty: "He Is Dead & Gone, He Is Not Going To Come Back & Defend Himself"
Shekhar Suman SLAMS Rhea Chakraborty: “He Is Dead & Gone, He Is Not Going To Come Back & Defend Himself” (Pic credit: Instagram/rhea_chakraborty)

Rhea Chakraborty has been in the headlines ever since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. She had been in hiding ever since, but almost after two months, the actress has spoken her heart out in an interview, which has been slammed by Shekhar Suman.


The Jalebi actress put her side of the story and spoke about the late actor’s tryst with drugs. Rhea also spoke about Sushant’s relationship with his family and even the many financial allegations being levelled against her.


While her point of view has changed a few opinions, Shekhar Suman, still expressed displeasure against Rhea Chakraborty’s explosive revelations. In an exclusive interaction with ETimes, he raised several counter questions against Rhea. The first one being, ‘Rhea Chakraborty went into hiding for 70 days, it ended now?’

Shekhar Suman further continued, “She slandered and vilified their image completely. I strongly feel that everybody should be given a chance to speak. So that’s fair enough that she was given an opportunity. So under the circumstances, she seems a little suspicious, which was why there were certain allegations and she should have come out right in the beginning and cleared whatever she had to. The fact that she went into hiding for about 70 days, citing emotional reasons, and the fact that she respected Sushant, et cetera, then what prompted her to come out now? I mean, the respect should have continued or did it end now? What happened?”

Shekhar Suman was also very upset about the fact that Rhea Chakraborty spoke about Sushant Singh Rajput doing drugs. Talking about which he said, “If you said that the CBI thing is going on, then you should not have spoken about Sushant either. If you loved him too much, you should not have spoken about somebody who’s dead and gone. Even if it was the truth that he was doing it, you as a lover would have hidden the fact. He is dead and gone; he is not going to come back and defend himself.”

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