Saif Ali Khan On Akshay Kumar's Autobiography Title: "Chest Hair Is Coming To Mind..."
Saif Ali Khan On Akshay Kumar’s Autobiography Title: “Chest Hair Is Coming To Mind…”

Saif Ali Khan, yet again, proved why he’s the master of fun-things in his recent conversation with Neha Dhupia on No Filter Neha. He opened up about things not being easy for him and also revealed some hilarious names for the hypothetical autobiographies of Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan and more.


Saif says he hasn’t had it easy, “A lot of times, unfortunately. And I knew that you gotta take it seriously and but this the thing. I don’t personally think I’ve had it particularly easy even though some people will say oh, of course, you have! But I’ve done a lot of crap that a lot of people wouldn’t have done.”


Saif Ali Khan adds, “I mean I’ve played the third lead in some dodgy movie, films like Suraksha, and Ek Tha Raja which nobody has heard of. But I never thought what the hell am I doing here. I knew what I was doing there. I was trying to get paid and trying to do this job. I knew it wasn’t going anywhere and I was like ok. But it helps when you’re 25, it’s alright not going anywhere if you’re 25, but you don’t want to be there at 50 for sure, you’re like wow, where’s this going. But a job’s a job, right.”

Saif also reveals the name of his autobiography, “I think I’ll call my autobiography – I’ll be good from tomorrow. I have said that so often, it’s usually diet based or alcohol-based. And I’d have chapter heading also, like probably ‘shouldn’t have had the whiskey.'”

According to Saif Ali Khan, Kareena’s autobiography will be called “Balancing Act.” Sara Ali Khan’s autobiography will be called “Namaste.” Akshay Kumar’s autobiography will be called, “Chest hair is coming to mind. I think I’ll call it Khiladi No 1.” Kunal Kemmu’s autobiography will be called “Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance.”

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