Bollywood actor-turned-BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha on Friday questioned actor-producer Aamir Khan over his views on rising tolerance in the country.

Shatrughan tweeted: “If there was intolerance in the country then how was Aamir’s film PK a hit.”


Shatrughan had earlier said that “PK”, which questioned religious discord and people’s blind faith in godmen, was a success, which shows there’s tolerance in the country.

Shatrughan questions Aamir's 'intolerance' remark
Shatrughan questions Aamir’s ‘intolerance’ remark

At an event in New Delhi on Monday, Aamir had said: “When I sit at home and talk to Kiran, for the first time she said, ‘Should we move out of India?’ Now that’s a very disastrous and a big comment to make to me.”

Aamir was widely criticised for his comments.

Shatrughan said he dismissed Aamir’s views and that India is a peace loving country which treats all religions alike.



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