Shakeela Biopic First Look: Shakeela Biopic is certainly one of the most awaited biopics currently. Based on the real life story of Shakeela, 90s adult film star who started with small roles and turned into a massive superstar. Her career at a point was so envious that male superstars of the era would fear of their films releasing alongside a Shakeela film.

One of the first Indian actors who films were dubbed in 16 international languages, Shakeela was the ideal rags to riches story with a twist of having lost it all to be back to square one.

The cast and crew, who are currently on their final schedule in Bengaluru, have now unveiled the logo of the film and a tag line, that’s both undaunted and unabashed. Steering away from the stereotypical image that Shakeela has in minds of people of being a soft porn actor, the film challenges the audiences and is set to give them the depth story of the woman behind the phenomenon of an unlikely superstar. She made her choices of the films she did and took great pride in her work, but her life, her growing up years, her influences are all the elements director Indrajit Lankesh has tried to bring to the table in the film that delves into the life of Shakeela. With Richa Chadha at the helm of the title role, we are certain that we will get to see a power packed performance.

Shakeela Biopic launches its first look - Goes Edgy with its Tag Line; “Not A Porn Star”
Shakeela Biopic First Look: It’s All Unabashed, Undaunted With A Bold Tag Line!

Speaking of it, director Indrajit said, “I was unaware of Shakeela until I worked with her for a film in 2003 and instantly I was pulled to her story and wanted to make a film on her. We always see rags to riches stories but this is a rags to riches to rags story of a woman who has seek peaks of luxury and then lost it all and to see how and what happened is what really sparks great interest”.

Richa added saying, “When I was offered this role I was very apprehensive but then I met Shakeela And I saw her gutsy attitude and it became easy. She had forgiven everyone who had done ill to her in her life and she has moved on and is in solace living a minimal life. Even today when she works, she commands great respect and that’s the story we wish to bring forth”.

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