Notorious prankster Shahid, played spooky pranks on Alia during midnight while filming for Shaandaar in England. A sequence demanded the actors to shoot in a castle during the night time. Shahid took advantage of this and began playing a series of spooky pranks with Alia.

Being aware of Alia’s fear, Shahid and the Shaandaar crew devised a plan which lasted for a few nights to scare Alia.

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on the location of 'Shaandaar'
Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt on the location of ‘Shaandaar’


A member of the crew who was a part of the recce team began telling spooky stories and claiming the existence of paranormal activities in the territory, Shahid too backed the crew member’s claims. The paranormal stories built around the castle, left Alia apprehensive.

Shahid then began playing spooky pranks with Alia to induce fear. One night it so happened that Shahid switched off the lights of Alia’s room and latched her door as she was about to go to bed. Once the lights were off, Shahid knocked on her door and began making spooky sounds, leaving Alia screaming out of fear. Before things got worse Shahid switched on the lights and confronted Alia about it being a prank and that there was nothing to worry about.

The pranks had a lasting impact on the young actress who would twitch at the drop of a hat, leaving her awake all night. Alia then began sleeping with the lights and television switched on all night.

Shahid’s pranks and Alia’s fearful responses then became a topic of discussion for the crew, leaving everyone in splits. Shahid later vowed to never trouble Alia again and the series of spooky pranks came to an end.

Shaandaar is the first time that Shahid-Alia will be seen together on celluloid. The chemistry between both the stars has received immense appreciation as witnessed in the film’s trailer and subsequently released songs

Vikas Bahl directed. ‘Shaandaar‘ is all set to release on 22nd October, 2015.



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