While we had heard about Shahid Kapoor getting close to VJ Bani at a party recently, it looks like the man himself isn’t too happy with the rumours about him.


Shahid Kapoor Annoyed At Rumours About Bani (Shahid Kapoor, VJ Bani)

It was rumoured that Shahid and Bani were cuddling up to each other at a party. When someone asked Shahid for a photograph, Bani is said to have moved away. But now it’s being said that Sasha and Banii are just acquaintances and the duo was just having some friendly chit-chat. Both of them also have the same trainer. The actor feels that it’s Bani’s friends who are spreading the rumour about them being an item.

We’re sure Priyanka Chopra isn’t too happy with this piece of info flying around!




  1. Well the job to bring this girl into limelight has already been done.
    The motive behind this rumour is to bring this starlet into limelight.

  2. @rakesh. I live in US. & I still know very as to ho Bani is. She is an MTV VJ. & has been part of ROADIES….when it was really popular and one of the starting realty show…at a phase when Indian TV just got intoduced to this “reality TV”

    Anything Shahid or anything Priyanka, becomes Big news. Media websites get more hits by just featuring their name in the article. Henc, anything related to Shahid or Priyanka is made into a big news. Surely Bani isnt pleased either.


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