Boasted of huge pre-release buzz, Zero has turned out to be a complete fiasco at the box office. Though the movie isn’t as bad as it is being projected on social media platforms, Shah Rukh Khan starrer has surely failed to match the expectations raised by the power-packed trailer.


Here are the few places according to us, at which the movie falls short.

Zero: Here Are The Few Shortcomings Which Affected It's Box Office Fate
Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero Could Have Been A SUPER HIT But…

Movie title:

There is no specificity about the title, with some saying the title Zero is based on the zero gravity of Mars, which does have a reference in the movie, while some saying that it describes the incompleteness of a person. Also, a large section of the audience doesn’t have a clue about the title.

Extension of Tigmanshu Dhulia’s character:

The father-son chemistry between Tigmanshu Dhulia and Shah Rukh Khan is one of the positives from the movie. With some quirky and hilarious dialogues, the bickering between Tigmashu and SRK was very amusing. We wish the father-son bonding could have been showcased more with an emotional touch.

Unmoving cameos:


Actors Abhay Deol and R. Madhavan had important characters to play in their cameo appearance but failed to make an impact in the movie or it could be clearly said that the actors were wasted in the movie.


Few days before the release, the makers released the posters of Zero featuring SRK aka Bauua Singh and Chimpanzee. There was a certain curiosity for the special mention of an animal but ended up in being an unnecessary fuss.

Not-so-great climax:

After setting the expectations high with amazing first-half, the movie loses all the grip in the second half and especially the climax lets you down. Having said that, the climax could have been better, thus making the movie to end on a high note.

Target audience:

Zero seem to be a masala entertainer from the trailer, but turned out to be the outing which is neither a complete mass entertainer nor fully caters to the class audience.




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