Shah Rukh Khan KKR In a Tight Spot After Gautam Gambhir InjuryIt was a day of mixed emotions for Shah Rukh Khan, with his IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders’ defeat to Mumbai Indians on Wednesday (25th June, 2011). While SRK celebrated good friend Karan Johar’s birthday, it was also the day his team, KKR, bowed out of the IPL.

What’s more is that Gautam Gambhir might have lost out on the chance to lead the team in the West Indies. After getting Rohit Sharma out, Gambhir winced in pain and complained of a sore shoulder. Gambhir later said that he had fallen over in the last game and his throwing arm had no strength left. This could put KKR in a spot with the BCCI as they can have some serious doubts regarding the transparency of the injury of the players. Gambhir also happens to be the costliest player in Shah Rukh’s team.

Will Shah Rukh manage to quell this controversy as well?

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