Shah Rukh Khan at an Event
Shah Rukh Khan at an Event

If Amitabh Bachchan’s ad campaign on Gujarat created a storm, the recently released advertisement ‘Bengal Leads’ featuring Bollywood’s very own Badshah promoting Brand Bengal is surely going to pack in thunder showers. Shuddered with glitterati and charisma, Shah Rukh’s advertisement on encouraging West Bengal tourism was released today.

From the onset of September, there were numerous hush-hush talks that were going around for the same, and today all of it seems to have gained a final result, an end product. The advertisement, at a length of 2 minutes highlights the vibrant and positive outlook to the State, and hence provides the necessary boost to the State’s tourism. From the slumpy and majestic Sunderbans, the glaring waters of the Teesta and other rivers to the alarmingly breath taking forests of North Bengal, the video aims to cash in on the rich topography and biodiversity that thrives in the State that we proudly call ‘Paschim Bongo’.

With Rabindranath Tagore’s iconic ‘Banglar Mati, Banglar Jol’ (Bengal’s soil, Bengal’s water) playing in the background, we have the truly effervescent King Khan who provides an insight in to the resurgence of a new State altogether. Shah Rukh, who had been appointed as the brand ambassador for the State last year will be seen mouthing a string statement in the promotional video film which goes: ‘There is something special about Bengal’.

Directed by prolific National Award winning Bengali film maker Anirudhha Roy Choudhary, he gave full credit to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, who had been busy with the ad film from its inception. The concept as well as its improvisation was her prerogative and her brain child. Not just tourism, the ongoing economic advancements in the State has also been highlighted in the form of industrialization, agricultural growth and it brings the traditional indigenous in house craftsmen’s talents to the fore. Religious sites like the Kalighat, Dakshineshwar and the Belur Math have played an integral part of the ad clip.

Post its release, it was also stated that a series of advertisements would be carved to create a global niche for West Bengal Tourism with Shah Rukh, being at the helm of it all. Shah Rukh who had always regarded Kolkata as his second home, is supposedly doing everything, charging just a remuneration of a fish fry each time he heads back for the shoot! That speaks volumes of SRK’s generosity and his modesty which has helped him stick to his super stardom with ease, even after two decades.

The film will be released on national television in about a day or two and it will have music composed by Parineeta composer Shantanu Moitra! With his recently released ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ shattering records worldwide, it would be nice to watch SRK’s brand helping Bengal to over power the other metropolitan cities as well!

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