Shirish Kunder’s fallout with Shah Rukh Khan is stale news. But the new scandal in town is Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish’s Slapgate. There are two versions of the story that happened at Sanjay Dutt’s party are making rounds.

Shah Rukh Khan, Shirish Kunder
Shah Rukh Khan, Shirish Kunder

Getting Phone-y: The first one is that the Jaan-E-Mann director was allegedly sending lewd messages to Sanjay Dutt’s wife on her phone. He also kept making jokes about SRK’s Ra.One at the party. It was when Shirish tried to follow Shah Rukh to the bathroom that the star lost his cool and gave Shirish a tight one across the face. After a common friend got involved, even host Sanjay had to intervene.

No Pinch Of Salt: The other version is that Shah Rukh reportedly had enough of Shirish’s digs at Ra.One and kept punching and slapping him. Shirish and his wife Farah are even said to have given out statements to the press. However one thing is common in both stories: Shirish was seen exiting the party with a swollen face.

Shirish has tweeted, “Thanks for all your concern & wishes. We are very grateful. Contrary to rumours, we have no intention of filing a FIR or police complaint”, but we’re sure that there’s more drama to come. While we’ll never know what the true story is, the Bollywood Twitter feed went crazy with this piece of spicy news. Here are some of the funniest tweets (just to make light of the situation):

Tanmay Bhat: Today 3 innocent kids woke up and the first thing they thought was “WTF happened to dads face?”

CilemaSnob: After two back to back duds, Shirish Kunder finally has a Hit. Congrats. You have arrived! You know what’s sad? No, not getting beaten up by SRK and Dutt. But people still saying that “Farah Khan’s husband” got beaten up. No? You know what’s the best thing about last night’s fight. Nobody wud need to design Joker’s poster now. Just put Kunder’s face ya.

Ramesh Srivats: I’m sure SRK just slapped in the air, close to Shirish Kunder’s face, and loudly said, “dishoom”.

Eccentricandhow: While Salman Khan is “Being Human”, SRK is “Being Salman.” #slapstickhumor

Bollywood Gandu: So many people are happy that @iamsrk slapped @ShirishKunder. It’s wrong. We should never condone violence against women.

Yew Eff El: I think it was just a case of misunderstanding. #ShirishKunder must have gone up to #SRK and said, “Tees maar, Khan!” #29SlapsPending

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