Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

From pulling him down to crashing him all over, time and again people have made sure that Shah Rukh Khan is dethroned. But putting down the fire within this mighty human is impossible. Although his dictionary does not have the word impossible, many critics who have time and again tried to ridicule this super-hearted actor has faced impossibilities of the highest level.


While he going through a mid life crisis became a state of norm, his recent surrogate baby news had created a media frenzy all of a sudden. While one section stood by him, the others went around ridiculing the actor even allegedly blaming him on charges of pre natal diagnosis to check the baby’s gender. But while his press release put everything to rest, Shah Rukh has remained clear making a stand whenever the issue is raised. “As a human being, we do have desires and wants. All that I and Gauri wanted was to have a baby and we decided to opt for surrogacy instead. I don’t know how to put this but honestly, although there were stuffs written about me, I never did anything for publicity. I did not have the baby to promote surrogacy in India. Today when surrogacy in India is legal, it is not because I or someone else did it but because it comes as a help to many people around the nation.”

While he remains unfazed with all the controversies bloated around him, this one did affect him, he admits. “Initially it did affect me a lot because it is my baby. I do not lash out when people cause backlash against me but when it boils down to my family, my wife, and my children, I don’t like it at all. But then again, I don’t have any regrets with whatever was done. I and my family are happy today and that is what matters”, smiled off the charismatic actor while he was on a promotional spree in Kolkata.

Regardless of any perceptual biases, Shah Rukh, the man has scored over Shah Rukh, the actor always! And with him not being even remotely rude to the interviewee, it proves a great deal of his innate humane character. No wonder we love him so much!

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