Shah Rukh Khan Finally Gets Relief In Raees Stampede Case:
Shah Rukh Khan Finally Gets Relief In Raees Stampede Case: Gujarat HC Said The Actor’s Act Cannot Be Stated As “High Degree Of Negligence Or Recklessness” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Shah Rukh Khan’s film Raees was released in 2017. The superstar had taken a train journey to promote the film back in the day from Mumbai to Delhi. On the way, he stopped at Vadodara, Gujarat, to greet his fans. King Khan even threw t-shirts and smiley balls. This led to a mishap.

A stampede-like situation occurred wherein a man died. Vadodara resident Jitendra Solanki filed a complaint against the superstar in February 2017 at the magisterial court. He was reportedly charged under IPC sections 336, 337 and 338. After more than 5 years, the superstar has finally granted relief by Gujarat High Court.

The Indian Express report claims that the Gujarat High Court cited “the primary ingredient of offences punishable under IPC Sections 336, 337 and 338 and 304A is that the act concerned should be done rashly or negligently.” The court then also stated that Shah Rukh Khan’s act cannot be “be stated to be acts of a very high degree of negligence or recklessness”.

The report further cited Justice Kariel’s verdict wherein the justice observed, “The act on part of (Khan)… may have led to some of the members of the crowd getting excited but… such acts could not be stated to be consisting of a very high degree of negligence or recklessness… Furthermore the petitioner (Khan)… being an actor was promoting his upcoming movie… none of the said act could be termed as having any element of mens rea, which is an essential element to hold negligence as being an offence.”

Moreover, international cricketers had also come to meet SRK and the train had stopped at the station where Shah Rukh Khan’s compartment was near the stairs and this has led to the space being narrow. The court also observed that some other situations may have led to the unruly behaviour of the crowd.

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