Shah Rukh Khan’s Whirlwind Ad With RensilIf you work with Shah Rukh Khan, you have to learn to keep up with his break-neck speed. Writer-director Rensil D’Silva leant this when he had to shoot an advertisement with the star last week.

Initially, Rensil asked Shah Rukh for three days to shoot an ad for a men’s innerwear brand. But when SRK looked at the script, he knew that he could wrap up the work in a night! And true to his word, he gave the action-packed shoot his best and finished the shoot on Saturday night.

Even with lots of stunts with speeding cars and action scenes, the King Khan made it look like a piece of cake. They even managed to pack in scenes at different locations. In fact, with the shooting done, all that is left is the post-production after which Rensil will show the finished ad to his clients!

While we’re sure Rensil was left speechless by Shah Rukh’s superpowers, it must be a day in the life of this RA.One hero.

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