Season Of The Witch Movie Wallpaper

Star cast: Nicolas Cage, Ron Perlman, Christopher Lee & Claire Foy

Director: Dominic Sena

Plot: Two knights, Nicolas Cage and Ron Perlman return from the Crusades but are branded as deserters and apprehended by the local Cardinal, Christopher Lee. To save themselves, they must accompany an accused witch, Claire Foy, to a distant abbey where she is to stand trial before the monks. Joining them are a well-travelled con man (Stephen Graham), an eager young man who aspires to knighthood (Robert Sheehan), a bitter knight who has lost his family to the Plague (Ulrich Thomsen) and a naïve priest (Stephen Campbell Moore). But nothing is what they expect it to be…

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India Box-Office Expectations: Season Of The Witch opened well at the Hollywood box-office. Also given the fact that it stars Nichols Cage, a face that is easily recognisable by Indian Hollywood-buffs, one can expect the film to work at the box-office if the reports are good.

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