Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju has been released and shattering records at the box office. But many have a mutual complaint about things that should’ve been part of the film. We’ve filtered the best of them & believe the impact could’ve been much higher including these things.


From a firing that was done in 1982 to the Thackeray connection, let’s take a look which was missed in the film.

Sanju: Firing Of 1983, The Thackeray Connection & More - The Things We Missed In The Film!
Sanju: Firing Of 1982, The Thackeray Connection & More- The Things We Missed In The Film!

1. Firing Of 82′

The film has highlighted the much known incident of 1993 bomb blasts but just over a decade ago there was a firing happened in Sanju’s life. On 22nd May 1982, at night, there was a sudden chaos of gunshots in Mansion number 58 of Pali Hill. It was done by a heartbroken Sanjay Dutt. It has been revealed how he rushed through the compound of his mansion with a .22 bore rifle. Neighbors reported how he had rested his bare hands on the security wires and was totally unaware about the blood flow from them.

Scroll has also mentioned in their article how Sanjay Dutt sobbed & said, “Why are you all scared of me? I am not a drug addict! . . . I’ve given up on drugs!’” His neighbours revealed how he was drunk & depressed by the breakup with Tina Munim. He shot his rifle in the air breaking windows of his own house as he also shattered the front window of his car. He ran to his house & when the police arrived he was nowhere to be found. He then agreed that a friend helped him to sneak him out.

2. The Thackeray Connection!

Whoever has followed the life of Sanju closely knows how the founder of Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray was the biggest help in helping him getting the bail. When the Dutts were labelled as anti-nationals, the big boss Balasaheb Thackeray himself took special interest in the case & got the government to include a state-level board in reviewing the TADA cases. Late Shri Sunil Dutt had revealed why he went to Bal Thackeray for help.


In an interview with Rajat Sharma, he said, “Bal Thackeray was my old friend & his party was ruling at that time. As Bal Thackeray used to say ‘The keys are with me’ & if my son is sick I’ll take him to a doctor. If he’s having a political problem, I’ll take him to a politician. That’s why I went to Balasaheb Thackeray for help.”

3. Richa, Rhea & Trishala!

A well known fact about Sanju is how he got married not one, two but three times in his life. In October 1987, he got married to Richa Sharma, with whom he met first during the mahurat of one of his films. He has accepted how he fell for her simplicity and how she was different from other girls. Richa also skipped her filmy career for Sanjay Dutt once they got married.

It seemed the lady luck was missing from Sanju’s life as she got diagnosed with cancer just after a year they got married. After 3 years, Richa came back to India & we see a mention of this in Yasser Usman’s book ‘Sanjay Dutt: The Crazy Untold Story of Bollywood’s Bad Boy’. Yasser wrote Sanjay Dutt was moved on by then. In an interview with Cineblitz Ena Sharma, sister of Richa, revealed how Sanju didn’t even care to come at the airport to pick up Richa & Trishala.

In 1998, he got married to Rhea Pillai, who met him at at his lawyer, Mahesh Jethmalani’s office. A spiritual person, instructor for Art Of Living, Sanjay Dutt found peace being with her. But this too wasn’t there for a long time as they both got divorced in 2005. Rhea went on to marry tennis champion Leander Paes & Sanju got married to Maanayata after that.



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