Director Milan Luthria, who was one among the many celebrities from Bollywood who met Sanjay Dutt after the actor returned home following his jail term, says the ‘Munna Bhai’ hasn’t changed as a person.

Sanjay on Thursday walked out of Pune’s Yerawada Central Jail (YCJ) where he was imprisoned since May 2013 for illegal possession of arms. He returned to Mumbai the same day much to the delight of his family members, friends and fans.

After meeting him here, Luthria said: “We were waiting for Baba (Sanjay) to return. For us who really love Sanju, it is like a bright sunny day after a long dark night. He hasn’t changed at all. Sanju is the same as he used to be, cheerful and always smiling.

Sanjay Dutt hasn't changed at all, says friend
Sanjay Dutt hasn’t changed at all, says friend

“He is always positive and supportive. You cannot change the basic nature of a person. I am happy that after going through such a tough time, he is still very joyful.”

Sanjay was spotted with a new hairstyle when he walked out of jail.

Asked to comment on that, Luthria of “The Dirty Picture” fame said: “Sanjay started the trend of long hair. He never had any qualms about experimenting with his look. He is a trendsetter for every generation, be it for his style, attitude or even hairstyle. He is followed by fans because of his attitude and fashion.”

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