Sanjay Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan leaving the slapgate party
Friends indeed: Sanjay Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan

Sanjay Dutt to (Feb 1): “Shan Rukh Khan didn’t slap Shirish, he just pushed him.”


Farah Khan to the media (Jan 30/31): “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem and that it means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on and it saddens me to see him doing the same.”

Sanjay Dutt: “I didn’t beat Shirish Kunder, if I would have done that, he would have been at Lilavati Hospital, not standing at my party.”

Is Sanjay Dutt underplaying the now defused Shah Rukh Khan-Shirish Kunder Slapgate controversy?

Sanjay Dutt: “No. The media is overplaying it.”

We leave you to make your own conclusions…


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  1. What a stupid comment ! It is very shocking to hear SRK getting physical there would have been a great story behind it or some overplaying media. SRK is one of the greatest actor of history. He isnt afraid of anyone and why should he mr/miss and why are getting SALMAN KHAN into this topic he is a good actor no doubt but there isnt any Salman vs ShahRukh issue in this ! And yet you say why is Salman Khan criticisd in every SRK thing.

  2. People should understand one fact that after all every superstar is an human being. So with that sense, it will be so abnormal for present day men to beat up the man who is harassing you on face. And SRK has just done that. SRK has become a superstar not just because of his films, more than that, his character and his life makes him the most loved personality in the world. He is a family man and will always remains as the charming child for every mothers in the world. He has never experienced any jail term(how can a person like SRK kill four people driving drunk in the night, how could he kill an animal which is nearly at extinction. Ha ha.. (laughs). He never will coz he is not bad)


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