Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman Khan’s NGO Being Human has joined hand with the noble philanthropic deed of reaching water to the areas bearing the turmoil of water shortage.

There is a lack of healthy drinking water in Maharashtra’ s drought stricken Marathwada region. Taking up the responsibility of supplying 2500 water tankers to Aurangabad that is suffering under the pathos of one of its worst droughts ever, Being Human is playing the perfect savior for the people of the town.

Though Salman hates to flaunt his philanthropic gestures stayed put from commenting on the matter, but the help is going to be crucial for several families in Aurangabad who are seething under the rage of summer and lack of proper water facilities.

Being Human is expected to reach out the town’s needs by the end of this month. Raking up the supply of 750 tankers in Beed, 500 in Jalna and Osmanabad and 250 to Nanded and Aurangabad, this step will go a step forward to resolve the water shortages issues of the area.

Being Human sent an official email to the Divisional Commisioner of Aurangabad offering this help. The initiative will also provide great respite to the local officials who find it impossible to tackle the grave water shortage issues at the hilt of summer.

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