Salman Khan and Sana Khan
Salman Khan and Sana Khan

Hello ji. Myself Gossip Aunty. I am the ultimate gossip monger of B-town. Star break up to petty patch up, I keep track of it all. Shame on you if you don’t know me. Bhai, you live on my gossip and you don’t know me only. Chalo never mind, now that you do, remember – Titsy bitsy every gossip ki I am the root informer.

Recently I heard that Salman Khan is getting married. Tauba Bhai! In this old age he is trying to be all macho. Well macho toh he is…I don’t deny, but Shaadi-Waadi isn’t it too much? If you think I am referring to that Romanian firang, then toh you are an ultimate duffer!


Have a look at Twitter sometimes. Well, when I was going to tweet the Cheesecake disaster of my Sasuma yesterday, I saw Salman tweeting Sana Sana all over the place! Ab, I do agree that media publishes all ‘galat salat’ par Dabangg ji got a little too touchy yaar. When was the last time we remember him acting so choleric? Exactly, his super possessive behavior over Katrina Kaif for which he took panga with SRK is what even I was reminded of!

Katrina was absolutely silly if you ask me. Who leaves Salman Khan yaar? Now you see what qayamat came… He is all set to be with Sana Khan lag raha hai. So much Mohabbat, So much of defensiveness. Oooof!

Luck bhi is so meherban on Sana. First Salman goes and hands her Mental ka lead role and now all the shielding from accusations – Sana madam is surely game for tarakki ab. Sallu Bhai ki chatra chaya has always proven to be lucrative for newbies. From Katrina to Sonakshi, apko pata toh hai na his lead ladies have always been hits!

Once Sana gets the bail, good times await her. Salman’s security, lead girl opposite Dabangg Khan – wah kya bhaag khule hai madam ke! Whereas, I am stuck in this sweaty kitchen making daal-chawal for Patidev.

I am not jealous but Sana just got plain lucky too easy and I hate it! Ek Big Boss hi toh kiya, we housewives play Big Boss-Big Boss everyday! Aise bhi someone tell Sana that if I had met Salman before her, no way would she stand a chance opposite me. I would have easily given her a run for her money!

Anyway who cares about Sana yaar. I am more worried about my jigar da tukda Salman. Take my advice Sallu-ji, first get your cases wrapped up. There are too many pending on you anyway. Meri maano toh bunk Sana Khan. Go make a Dabang 3 and find someone who would match up to you. Like me!

( Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)



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