The industry is still a chauvinistic one. While most of our Superstars are well in their later side of 40s, the actresses have been signed off long back. In fact, when it comes to women protagonist’s films, very few have turned out to be crowd pulling at all. Though Vidya Balan is one of the actresses who is known to have successfully accomplished a film without any powerful male lead, even her last film Bobby Jasoos failed to fare too well at the box office.

With Mardaani releasing tomorrow, we reached film’s lead actress Rani Mukerji to ask whether as an actress she will find it difficult to draw audiences tomorrow. Rani said, “See, it is eventually all about content. Content has always been king. Today whoever has become my fan, it is because the content of my film has managed to impress them at a level. The times when my film’s content has been underwhelming, the film haven’t even worked at the box office. It is important to have a strong content in place for a film.”

Rani Mukerji
Rani Mukerji

Continuing from the same, she added, “If content is not that great a film won’t work no matter which superstar is cast in it. A movie cannot sell or run because of a star’s name. People will be drawn to watch my film only if they think that after watching the promo, they will be interested enough to see my film. The challenge is to get audiences to the theater and only the right vibe from the promo can manage that. There is one actor who is an exception to this, it is Salman Khan. His name is enough to run a film. People go to the theaters because of him. But if the content of his film isn’t too good, his films won’t perform as great as his usual ones. Even Superstars have suffered a beating at the box office because of bad content. Nothing can replace content.”

Mardaani directed by Pradeep Sarkar is releasing tomorrow.

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  1. Yes, Rani is correct in saying that “Salman is the only super star-acter in bollywood who does not require any reputed banner, famous directer, good songs etc to bring crowds to theaters…if his films comes then people will rush to theaters..i have seen salman fans watching movies all shows on first day…and I go to theater only for Salman khan may call what ever you like..but we just love him..kiyun ki..wo samaj mein nahi aata hai..dil me bas ja tha hai…

  2. salman khan is King of Bollywood His name is enough to run a film. People go to the theaters only To see salman khan movie.

  3. Yeah rightly said but sallu is corrupt person so is srk as revealed by censor board x chief paying bribe is the habbit.only arjun rampal rocks the best superstar.

    • Vikram I think u r just jealous 2 her bcoz may b u r a fan of a actress who is not as successful as her n Rani is one of the top actress of bollywood without any skinshows like other actress n BTW she still has mukherji surname..


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