Mahesh Bora, the lawyer of Salman Khan has questioned the forensic report of blood samples which were taken from dead chinkaras during the cleaning and cooking at hotel by alleged Salman Khan.


The lawyer was arguing on Khan’s appeal against his conviction in poaching case where 2 chinkaras were allegedly poached.

Bora confronted, “the samples were taken 17 days after the incident took place, so how it can be assumed that samples belonged to chinkaras and even if they presume that the dead deer was taken to hotel for cleaning and cooking, how we can surely say that it was killed by Salman Khan.”

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Salman was convicted in a case of poaching of two chinkaras on 26-27th September 1998. On 17th February 2006 the Chief judicial court sentenced him for 1 year imprisonment against which he made a appeal at High Court.

The next hearing of this case will happen in the coming Tuesday at Jodhpur Court.




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