That Salman Khan is probably the only star who doles out huge sums of money in charity every now and then is a know fact. But then, does the charity stop when it comes to Salman’s near and dear ones?


Salman Khan Working Against Katrina Kaif?

Take Katrina Kaif for instance. The actress, who became big in Bollywood after she started going out with Salman, is now in Salman’s bad books. And Salman, it seems, is leaving no stone unturned to somehow get back at her. Various media reports suggest that from the time Katrina has come out in the open about her alleged relationship with Ranbir Kapoor, Salman is not helping Katrina’s career anymore.

Not that Katrina really needs any help at this stage of her career. But when gossip like the fact that ‘Salman has asked everyone close to him not to work with Kat’ come out, Katrina’s fans have a reason to worry. Because Salman, at the end of the day, is one of the most saleable stars in Bollywood today. And his word counts.

Should Katrina be concerned? Or should we just believe Salman’s family, who claim to know the real status of the Salman – Katrina relationship?




  1. i like it and she has got what she wanted to salmaan is a god and god is not for one its for every body…. now the time has come that god give his blessings to somebody else……..hank u salmaan aap hazaron saal jie or isi tarah dukhiyon ka uddhar karte rahe luv u

  2. throw her away … we dont wan anymore who is she ….. i think animal like wile life …. shameless girl….. suck katrina ….. bro sallu destroy her carrer….. if u don dan go hometown much be better 4 u …. we don wan to see u anymore in bollywood industry suck …jerk.. a******…f*** u

  3. First of all Mr salman khan is not a god – get yr head straight
    obviously he is going to behave like a mumbai bhai trying to
    control those girls life who worked with him may be he needs them more then they need him – if he bad mouths any one

    what goes out from you comes back to you that law of nature
    he is just cashing on one film let us see how many films flop this year and next year – he should control him self and just be professional eventually that takes u long way –
    that is the advise to him and all – god bless


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