Salman Khan may be in the news for Dabangg, ‘Dabangg’ and more ‘Dabangg’. But amidst all the box-office reports and star-ratings, the man behind the star is usually forgotten. Salman Khan is one of the few stars who doesn’t need an entourage and the entire media to follow him while he does his charitable work. The actor prefers to keep his charitable work low-key.

Salman Khan

Recently, the actor read about Professor Sandeep Desai, a teacher who was collecting funds to set up a school in rural Maharashtra. Salman not only contributed to his fund, he also put up a message on his Twitter account asking people to come forward and lend a helping hand to the cause, “Prof Sandeep Desai ka jawab nahi. Kamaal karte ho yaar Prof saheb. Wanna make a chota mota difference, kya bolte ho? This Professor Sandeep Desai is collecting money in trains for a school, wana help him?” Salman then tweeted the bank account number of the school so that his fans could donate directly. After a while Salman promised, “I shall make sure that I will and thank you guys.”

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This isn’t the first time Salman has taken up a cause. The actor agreed to auction gym sessions with him for the charity Joy of Giving Week. The auction on ebay India registered the highest bid of around 3.5 lakhs.

Salman was also instrumental in conducting an eye camp in Sri Lanka during the IIFA Awards this year. The beefy actor’s ‘Being Human Foundation’ flew down five eye surgeons with eye lenses, after care medication and even the technical equipment required for the operations from India. Salman Khan distributed 200 bicycles in Wai, conducted cataract operations in Wai and even provided for the surgery of cancer patients.

But the Dabangg star is nonchalant about his charitable acts and prefers not to talk too much about it. He says, “I help as much as I can…I’m not doing anything wonderful. There are lots of charitable trusts that do this sort of work but since I’m a face to the cause, it becomes famous & gets media coverage.”

It takes a great deal of heart to even that much. Hats off to the silent philanthropist!

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