Our leading men in Bollywood have glares to hide their eyes from the flashlights and hats to cover their receding hairline. Okay, so not all of them. But we do have an interesting fashion ensemble of head gear for some of Bollywood actors:

Salman Khan Cap Fashion

Salman Khan picks a different head gear with a newsboy hat. We give it to him for daring to wear different colour other than the usual black. And it goes well with his causal tee-shirt and jeans too.

Shah Rukh Khan Cap Fashion

The fedora and the hat definitely gave us something to talk about Shah Rukh Khan. Though we didn’t like the hair so much, the suave hat is classy on the King Khan!

Aamir Khan Cap Fashion

Aamir Khan definitely does not worry about impressing the media. No wonder he just walks out of house with a baseball cap, green tee-shirt and three-fourths.

Hrithik Roshan Cap Fashion

Not that’s how you talk style! Hrithik Roshan impresses us with the grey beret. He isn’t letting his guard down especially with all the flashbulbs around.

Farhan Akhtar Cap Fashion

Farhan Akhtar looks like he just stepped out of a beach and got caught unawares. The hat, the tan – all telltale signs of a couple of days under the sun.

John Abraham Cap Fashion

Okay so its not exactly regular headgear, but John Abraham looked so adorable in a Santa Claus hat that we could help but include him in the list. Just look at those dark eyes, dimpled smile and biceps, can you say no to that?

Ranbir Kapoor Cap Fashion

Ranbir Kapoor sticks to baseball caps as though it were his second skin. Not a very impressive one, but it helps with his boyish looks.

Akshay Kumar Cap Fashion

Backing up the regularity of baseball caps among actors is Akshay Kumar. Akki gets our vote for the interesting design on the cap.

Abhishek Bachchan Cap Fashion

Remember when we complained about the plain old black colour for caps? Well, Abhishek Bachchan just proves our point.

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