Ever since Priyanka Chopra Jonas made an exit from Salman Khan starrer Bharat, a lot of has been written and spoken about it. Some fans criticised her decision, while some appreciated it. Salman is someone who is appreciating her gutsy decision to leave the film and chose her husband.

Though every now and then, Salman takes a sarcastic dig at Priyanka by saying ‘thank you for leaving it for Katrina Kaif’ but we all know his humour.

Salman Khan Is Not Upset With Priyanka Chopra For Exiting From Bharat; Says, “It’s A Gutsy Thing”
Salman Khan Is Not Upset With Priyanka Chopra For Exiting From Bharat; Says, “It’s A Gutsy Thing”

Yesterday, when we met the Kick actor for interaction, he was asked if Priyanka was the wrong cast and Katrina is the right one for Bharat, he said, “Not the wrong cast. Priyanka was very keen in doing this film. Ali thought, we thought it was Katrina. But Katrina had just done ‘Tiger…’ with me. Straight after doing a film with me, Ali thought that Woh Hindustani role hai. Toh, I said ki kamaal hai yaar! Tumhari dost hai, itna kaam kiya hai. And you don’t have confidence that whether she will be able to pull off a Hindustani role. She’s been here for the last 16 years. I told him that don’t be ridiculous she’s done movies like ‘Rajneeti’, movies of Rajkumar Santoshi and all that, have you forgotten that. Just because she has done movies like ‘Bang Bang’, doesn’t mean she won’t be able to play an Indian role. Then Ali told me that Priyanka had called him and she said she wants to do this movie.”

He further continues, “Arpita and Priyanka are very close friends, and then her marriage thing happened, so she chose to take a very brave, bold and amazing step. And she has taken that step. Usually, people would have fights in the house, boyfriend and girlfriend might fight, might leave husband for ‘Bharat’ (jokes). But she did the right thing. She got married because she wanted. And Katrina got what she wanted.”

Salman also said that he would love to work with her in future. “Of course, why not! Also, Priyanka must have also had thought that she is not going to show up. She is taking a call five days before the schedule starts, thay I might get pissed off. I might never work with her, all that stuff! Woh sab Priyanka ke dimaag mein aaya hoga. And inspite of that, she took the call.”

Salman Khan also revealed that Priyanka Chopra came to meet him personally to talk about last minute exit from the movie. He said, “She came home and spoke to me. I asked her what is it, so she said Woh Nick ka hai, I want to get married. So I said, get married then. She then said, no no…in those days. So I said, your clothes will be made by your designers anyway. She said no no, I don’t know which days. So I said, whichever day it is, work will keep happening. So then Arpita hinted me that she doesn’t want to do the film. So I asked her you don’t want to do the film. So then she said that she doesn’t want to do the film. She revealed that Nick proposed her. I said cool, if he proposed you, then you should. Usually some people say na, that shaadi ek saal baad karenge, abhi ye picture kar lete hai. But she chose to get married which I think is outstanding.”

Salman was asked if he’s upset with Priyanka to which the actor denied. Salman said, “This is one of the amazing things Priyanka has done. It is a gutsy thing. She’s worked so hard, I think she’s one of the most hardworking actress in Bollywood. It is so hard to keep a career live here and there as well. And then, the most important film of her life which would take her perhaps another 10-15 years, that she has refused to get married, I mean then it is an amazing thing!”

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