Salman Khan has dismissed all chances of him working with Shah Rukh Khan or even becoming friends again. In an interview with Komal Nahta in the ETC Bollywood Business show, Salman said in response to a query if there was any chance of the two Khans coming together again, “There’s no chance of that.”

He also said that his growing friendship with Aamir Khan had nothing to do with his fallout with the other Khan, Shah Rukh. Revealed Salman further, “I love Aamir because he is very transparent.” The actor, whose Dabangg is due for release next week, said in the same interview, “Earlier, Aamir, Shah Rukh and I have spent some time together.” On being asked whether he misses those times, Salman replied in the negative. On being asked if he remembered and missed the time spent with Shah Rukh Khan, the outspoken Salman shot back, “Shah Rukh is not my girlfriend that I should remember him. When I don’t remember my past girlfriends, what will I remember Shah Rukh for?”

On a parting note, Salman added, “I hate people who come and badmouth Shah Rukh in front of me simply because Shah Rukh and I are not on talking terms. I can understand if Shah Rukh talks ill of me or if I talk ill of him, but I can’t take it if somebody else talks ill of him to win my favour. Not done!”

Shah Rukh and Salman had had an ugly fight two years back at Katrina Kaif’s birthday party. The two have never spoken to each other after that incident.

By Komal Nahta

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