Eid 2018 release, Race 3 ended its run at the Box-Office at collections in the range of Rs 170 crore, thereby failing to live onto the sky-high expectations. Though the film underperformed at the ticket window, one surely can’t deny the fact that it is merely Salman Khan’s mega-stardom that helped a film with a star-cast and pre-release campaign like Race 3 reach a respectable total. For the first time in years, Aamir Khan too left the audience disappointed as his Diwali release, Thugs of Hindostan is looking to end its run at collections below Rs 150 crore in India. This is a much bigger disappointment that Race 3, especially because the film was packaged a lot better than the Salman Khan film and the audience doesn’t really expect Aamir Khan to associate himself with sub-standard products.

And now the trade awaits the release of Zero, which stars Shah Rukh Khan in lead. As always the expectations are high, but the higher the expectations the more are the chances of disappointment. But here’s why we think, this Aanand L Rai directorial will not prove to be an epic disappointment.

Salman Khan And Aamir Khan Disappoint, But Here’s Why We Feel Shah Rukh Khan WON’T Fail With Zero!
Salman Khan & Aamir Khan Disappoint, But Here’s Why We Feel Shah Rukh Khan WON’T Fail With Zero!


1. Rooted Story

Director Aanand L Rai and his writer, Himanshu Sharma have over the years come up with stories rooted with the Indian culture and Zero seems to be no different. The duo have mastered at the art of making entertaining “desi” films, and going by the trailer this Shah Rukh Khan starrer falls right in the same zone.

2. Accepted trailer

One can’t deny the fact that the trailers of both Race 3 and Thugs of Hindostan didn’t match up to the pre-release expectations. However, with Zero the theatrical trailer has found appreciation all across and in today’s time and age, the audience make up their mind to watch a film based on the theatrical trailer. And well, Zero has create the excitement.

3. Music


Again, unlike the other two Khan’s films, the music of Zero is expected to be a chartbuster. The trailer gave us a glimpse about the romantic track of the film, which is extremely catchy and potentially the love anthem of the year. That apart, the song titled “Ishaqbaaz” featuring Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan is expected to take the buzz of the film to the next level as the ones who have heard the song can’t stop talking about the same.

4. Content

2018 has seen content films striking gold at the box-office, whereas fancy films focusing merely on style and scale have failed to live on-to the expectations. Zero seems like a well -made content driven commercial film, a genre which appeals to the audience across the country. In-fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Zero falls right into the zone that is loved by the family audience of India.

5. Characters

Another major USP of Zero seem to be the characters in the film. Shah Rukh Khan and Anand L Rai described the film as a journey of 3 incomplete people, which is something that creates a certain amount of eagerness to watch as to how everything unfolds. Never have we seen a dwarf, who is living his life to the fullest and not stereotyped, a superstar, who is suffering from severe alcoholism and an ambitious NASA scientist down with cerebral palsy. Basically, every character seem to have an underlying sub-text, which would be explored in the film.

6. Shah Rukh Khan Factor

The last few years have been disappointing for Shah Rukh Khan as far as the Box Office business is concerned and the superstar refrained from signing any film after Zero as he wanted to give all his time and attention to the Aanand L Rai directorial. Khan is said to have invested a lot of time and energy to this film because this is one script he absolutely fell in love with and didn’t want to compromise on any aspects. Our sources reveal that the film rides high on emotions and is one of the most complete film in all aspects since it has everything to offer i.e. romance, comedy, drama and emotions. The film basically is a culmination of content and scale, and if this strike the chord with audience, there would be no stopping the film.

Zero releases on 21st December 2018.



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