Ab what do I say? I am so tired of writing about Salman Khan. But aaye din he gives me some or the other reason to write regarding him toh main kya karoon. Abki baar his dushmani with Sanjay Leela Bhansali has gone to another bigger level. Kabhi ek waqt tha when Sanjay and Salman were great friends and phir Salman spoke his heart out about Guzaarish.

Ab Dabanng, Wanted jaise filmein karne wale ko naturally Guzaarish ka tortoise wala speed nahi bhaya hoga. He passed some terrible comments about the film jo Sanjay ko acchi nahi lagi. And ever since, the two have been in war zone when it comes to each other!


Recently what happened is, Salman wanted Sohail to buy rights for Kaanchnaa and play film ka lead role! But Bhansali ne Sohail se jaldi khareed li rights and dono ka war aur serious ho gayi. Salman and Sanjay ka pair toh kabhi hit tha. Main toh aaj bhi Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam aur Khamoshi dekh ke ro deti hoon. But Guzaarish wala panga ho gaya na between them.

Salman Khan And Sanjay Leela Bhansali
Salman Khan And Sanjay Leela Bhansali

Initially Sanjay was going to cast Salman but then he decided to go with Hrithik and also cast Aishwarya Rai jo ki Salman ki ex gf thi. Dabangg jee with a bruised ego ho gaye angry at this and all hell broke loose. Maine suna hai ki unhone kisi media wale ko bola tha ki Guzarish ko dekhne makhiyan bhi nahi aayengi. Ab aisi offensive baat pe mere jaisi shantipriya insaan bhi mad ho jaye!

Since then Sanjay and Salman just can’t stand each other. I toh feel bad ki in dono ki hatred ki wajah se utni awesome filmein aaj kal nahi banti. Kaanchana bane na bane inki dosti ka sequel edition aana toh banta hai!

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)




  1. hey koimoi.. stop your stupid bashing of salman in the name of gossip aunty. why u media morons are always after him? u dont even know what salman exactly said for guzarish.. so stupid of u koimoi. ‘us film ki poster pe toh ek makkhi ud rahi hai hai.. lekin aisee film dekhne ek kutta bhi nahi jaata’ because he said even his films phir milenge and khamoshi were also this type of films and were flops.. he cleared it in bigg boss4, when Anil Kapoor asked him about the guzarish nasty comment story

  2. Well…Gossip Aunty, you should have heard the comment of Salman Khan about Guzaarish before passing rumors.
    Even Hrithik overreacted for no reason.
    What Salman siad, is that these kind of films do not work at the Box office, no one goes to watch such movies not even flies.
    And he mentioned his movie Phir milenge as well. Even though the film had good content, no one went to watch it.


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