The Khans have all personal glories to their credit. While SRK is the Superstar of Bollywood and Aamir Khan established himself as the Perfectionist-Sensible movie making Khan; Salman Khan emerged as the man with a magical movie touch. The last few years saw him consolidating his position as the ultimate money making Biggie of Bollywood. The last three years had massive Eid releases coming from Salman which has secured his position as the Numero Uno of Bollywood.


Each of his movie which has released in the last few years has not cost more than more 50-60 Crore per movie. He has also grossed an average of 250 Crores every year for the past 3 years. Salman Khan has obviously worked himself out as a fantastic marketing wizard. His movie released on the eve of Eid caters to wide range of Muslim as well as Non Muslim audience. The movie is scripted and directed keeping in mind the festive spirit as well. The best part being he does not spend any ridiculous amount of money on marketing his films. And more often than not, his well schemed marketing tactics pay off big bucks.

Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster Wallpaper)
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif (Ek Tha Tiger Movie Poster Wallpaper)

This year Yash Raj Films decided to cash in Salman’s “Eid-wonder” and they obviously have no reason to not celebrate the super success of “Ek Tha Tiger”. Despite being a movie of average script, direction and storyline, the movie is an absolute must go for a die hard Salman Khan fan. The last few years has seen a catapulting rise in the popularity and public demand of Salman Khan. He has finally managed to come beyond his previous bad-boy image post the Chinkara case and the Hit and Run case. He is now known as the face of “Being Human” and being attached with this noble cause has worked pretty well for his social image.

Salman Khan (Bodyguard, Ready and Dabangg Movie Posters)
Salman Khan (Bodyguard, Ready and Dabangg Movie Posters)

At an age above 40, when most actors are all ready to wrap themselves off Bollywood and start dreaming of retirement, Salman Khan is reaching new heights and aiming Zeniths beyond. His 2010 release “Dabangg” managed to garner in an approximate of Rupees 140 crores. In 2011, he came with his movie “Ready” which raked up an approximate of Rupees 125 crores. 2011 Eid saw the release of his movie “Bodyguard” which broke records of “Dabangg” and cashed in almost 150 crore Rupees.

In 2012, YRF has already earned 175 crores from Ek Tha Tiger and is setting new monetary aims for the week to come. The industry trade analysts have already assumed that “Dabangg 2” will surely rake in a minimum of 150 crore rupees. None of the above mentioned movies are of cinematic excellence or genius of any sort. And still the queues outside multiplexes and movie halls are unbelievable. So what is it which pulls audiences to watch these movies?

We don’t always watch for the storyline or even understand the nuances of story telling or cinematic intricacies. More than half of Indian population watches a movie for recreation, entertainment and fun of it. Salman Khan’s movies provides for all of these to the hilt. When you walk into a multiplex to watch a Salman-movie, you are guranteed hours of great entertainment and fun. And this indeed has become the style statement and the USP of Brand Salman. The younger generation looks for brilliant Salman style action stunts which creates a larger than life imagery of Power. His comic timing is good and the funny bone in his movies is just an added advantage. All-in-all watching Salman Khan is always paisa-wasool. And this is exactly the reason why the man has had a sharp increase of income in his bank accounts. Way to Sallu Bhai!




  1. Shahrukh was a history like kaka or mr.bachan.. Rite now Salman is the superstar megastar of Bollywood … Even with extensive marketing for year and cameo frm superstar rajinikant (bringing akon for a song all these gimmics) shahrukh couldn’t make at least a hit … But Salman khan is by far ahead of him …. only with his screen presence delivers a blockbuster every time … Long live Salman the superstar megastar of bollywood..

    • U just said my words

      Even Salman doesn’t need to promote his movie, becoz his fans and others stars ( SRK, Amir, AKshay and many more ) fans are promoting his movie.

      in 2011,

      Salman= SRK+ Rajni+ AMitabh ( voice over ) and Akon and Visual effects and many more.

  2. srk given consistent hits from the past 6year…without taking any help of the south remakes or multi starrers…his past 3 movies scores over 200cr marks worldwide….thats the power of king khan..

    • ab yashraj ko hi dekh lo, SRK ki agli movie ki publicity apne 50 sal ke history ko trailer mein dikha ke kar raha hai

  3. dude, even salman was kind of history 3/4 years back….the point is if sallu can make a comeback, why not srk…just wait n watch…


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