Salman Khan
Salman Khan

When someone as handsome as superstar Salman Khan, popularly known as Sallu Bhai, is referred to as the same by women too, it doesn’t go down with him comfortably. At an event organized by his NGO Being Human, the actor reportedly said that he doesn’t appreciate the fairer folk referring to him as bhai. Salman chuckled and said that he has four sisters and they are enough for him and is a little flabbergasted when girls call ‘Bhai’.

Agreeing with co-actor and friend Aamir Khan, who recently at a press conference told the media how he believes power is best only when its used right, Salman’s NGO Being Human collaborated with Fortis Foundation’s Little Hearts campaign to seek solutions for the care of children born with congenital heart diseases.

Salman known for his straight forward and transparent remarks shunned the idea that intent is necessary for charity, but even if people are doing it to flaunt off their wealth it’s fine as long it is larger good of the masses.

“Everybody does charity, but not everybody likes to talk about it. Some may do it for personal benefits, to stay in the limelight or others might do it genuinely. According to me, you may do charity for any reason, but do it anyways. No matter what the intention is,” Salman told reporters here.

Under the programme, 42 children have already been treated and eight are currently hospitalised in Fortis.

Despite persistent work of being NGO, Salman modestly and sadly emphasized that his efforts don’t even make up for a drop worth of an ocean of issues to be taken care of.

Salman who himself is silently battling suicide disease is known for his compassionate love for medical issues and has a merchandise story of his NGO in the Fortis hospital as well.

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