Ritviz: Everyone has a different way to cope with anxiety
Ritviz: Everyone has a different way to cope with anxiety(Pic Credit: Instagram/vizdumb)

Ritviz grabbed the spotlight with his foot-tapping number ‘Udd Gaye’ and then belted out hits such as ‘Liggi’, ‘Sage’ and ‘Jeet’ among many others. Pop sensation and electronica producer has now spilled the beans on his process for dealing with performance anxiety.

“Everyone has a different way to cope with their anxiety. I try to be aware and in present of the situation. Surrounding myself with the right people helps as well. In all honesty, I am still hoping to find what works for me by trying different things. It’s a process,” Ritviz, who has been selected in the Forbes 30 under 30 list of 2021, said during a conversation with IANS.



The 25-year-old musician, who has been featured on one of the digital covers of Grazia Cool List 2021, added: “Regardless I would say your mental health is the most important thing in your life and taking care of it should be the utmost priority.”

Born in Darbhanga, Bihar and brought up in Pune, Maharashtra, Ritviz comes from a family of musical background which resulted in an exposure to music from an early age.

Asked what his mother thinks of his music since she’s a music teacher and has taught him, he said: “My mother is the most inspiring person in my life. For every new song, her nod is a validation and a push.”

“She believes that your set of influences in your life makes you. That is why probably I have now started listening and learning other styles and a lot more that would probably inspire more crazy culminations in the future. The idea is to keep a constant set of learning.”

Every sound Ritviz works on is as different as chalk and cheese.

What goes behind making his music?

“It’s when I allow myself to be most vulnerable. It’s exciting to share a piece of me that I don’t feel like I’ve put out there before. All I want is to be able to share real stories and emotions.”

As a true artist, the new-age musician aims to continue doing what he does best — make music.

“Music is something that’s evolving and changing. The goal is to always continue creating music and share stories. I hope that people relate and connect to my music as far as I can imagine,” he said.

Ritviz has been featured as the ‘Artiste Of The Week’ at BIG FM’s ‘The Blue Mic’. The show airs every Monday to Friday.

Talking about the collaboration, the sensation said: “#TheBlueMic as an initiative sounded very interesting considering it gave me an opportunity to build a rapport with radio listeners in 40+ cities over an entire week. So it’s a great platform and I’m glad my music will also reach out to people across these cities.”

“It’s humbling to see that radio stations are taking up initiatives to promote independent music and I’m very happy to be a part of #TheBlueMic.”

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