Riteish Deshmukh starts a Twitter war, Genelia claps back. Find out what they had to say!
Riteish Deshmukh starts a Twitter war, Genelia claps back. Find out what they had to say!

Haven’t you always wondered why women want more clothes even though their wardrobe is bursting with clothes? Is this just a woman’s problem or are men no different when it comes to their clothing options? Is this just one more question in a long line of never-ending debates when it comes to the polarizing views of both genders? Bollywood sweethearts, Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh recently seemed to engage in one such public debate, with Genelia giving Riteish a fitting reply that left him tight-lipped!

Early last evening, the renowned actor took to his Twitter account to share an image of a wardrobe asking his followers “How many women feel that they don’t have enough clothes to wear?”. The question sparked an age-old debate between the sexes with each side defending their stance on the matter. Riteish’s friends Karan Kundra and Karan Wahi were quick to jump onto the conversation and began discussing their opinion on women’s woes when it comes to the lack or surplus of clothes and their packing skills.

Taking this banter personally, TV actors Rashami Desai and Nia Sharma stepped in to defend themselves while also commenting on cricket, football and gym lessons taken by the boys. Bani J came in to support her girl gang and threatened Karan with her lady ‘guns’. It looks like Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia sparked girls vs boys war on social media.

Putting an end to this ‘Jung’ between the Ladies and the Gentlemen, Genelia stepped in to reveal that Riteish’s wardrobe is double the size of hers and he should be the last one making any such comments. Riteish Deshmukh has in the past jokingly remarked about borrowing his wife’s clothes for a film shoot. Genelia also went on to say “he (Riteish) still cribs he has nothing to wear”. Well, that ought to put a lid on this for now, but this war of #LadiesVsGentlemen is sure to continue.

Teasing viewers with what’s in store as the battle of the sexes continues, Genelia also shared a sneak peek of their new interactive game show – ‘Ladies Vs Gentlemen’ slated to begin on @Flipkartvideo from Wednesday, 18th November 2020.

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