I remember when Anil Kapoor’s 24 was endorsed by most opinionated columnists as the embodiment of the leap forwards from Ekta Kapoor’s brand of soap operas. But truly modern day television has found a real face in the firebrand concept of reality shows. While it was mostly restricted to harnessing talents and winning prize tokens, actor Aamir Khan gave it a rare interactive connotation with his talk show Satyamev Jayate. The second season which finally went on floors this month is expected to be much more explosive and heart wrenching giving momentum to the crusader energy of its makers. The first season grazed through issues like dowry, domestic abuse, honor killings, negligence of the medical profession and so on. Koimoi now reveals to you the key issues that Khan will be focusing on this season.


The show’s pilot episode will focus the sexual atrocities and crimes against women. The issue has evolved into a quintessential one with the crises of women’s safety becoming an issue of national importance as the number of reported cases of sexual abuse and rapes have been on a rise.

Aamir Khan at an event
Aamir Khan at an event

The subsequent episode will focus on the State’s emphasis on beautification of India. The episode will perhaps also draw attention to the lack of prioritization due to which beautification scores over more basic human needs which are clearly ignored.

One of the other important issues that will be spoken of will be an individual’s safety in India. The ongoing financial repression which has resulted in the rise of underemployment, the episode will look into the possibilities of how deviant activities and crimes have been on the rise ever since.

The other topic that is being worked on is the future of India. Being a vast and multifaceted theme, the probabilities for open discussion would be the economic, political and social future of the nation. The topic might be narrowed down to the drift of political power from one ideology to another. With General Elections in order, and BJP gaining social velocity, juxtaposed with the new vein of thought in Aam Aadmi Party coming forward, the discussion on this will be both relevant and potent.

Satyamev Jayate 2 will be showing only four episodes in a row before taking a break and resume after weeks. Instead of showing all the 13 episodes in one go, the season will be broken into three quarters. It will no longer follow the weekly pattern of its first season. Satyamev Jayate 2 will surely be bigger, better and hopes to eventually help in mobilizing the social issues a little  more enthusiastically this time. Encore!

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