The thought of seeing the ever-youthful Rekha giving youngster Deepika Padukone and Vidya Balan a run for their money opposite Rajnikant in Rana had us on cloud 9. But looks like it is not to be.

Rekha Walks Out Of Rajnikant's Rana

Rekha has reportedly walked out of Rajnikant’s next project citing monetary issues with the film’s producers. Rekha was also upset that her role was cut short later. If that wasn’t bad enough, Vidya Balan may also be dropping out of the film soon. It is said that Vidya demanded to see the entire script before joining the camp which did not go down too well with the director. Maybe the makers thought that the name Rajnikant was enough to make Vidya sign the dotted line.

Now that Rekha has dropped out, the filmmakers are eyeing Hema Malini to fill in for her. We’ll just have to wait and watch as to who joins ‘Rana’ next.

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