Just a while back it was all over the news that Salman Khan snatched a camera out of a fan’s hand and smashed in on to the ground. This time around the newbie Superstar, Ranbir Kapoor, took the camera from a media person’s hand and put it in his car. Here is the story!


Ranbir was spotted in a tipsy state at late hours, and was followed by photo journalists, who left him infuriated to the core, and he out of frustration, snatched the camera out of a TV journalist’s hand and put it in his car. He even refused to return it and asked the camera person to let their superior call him in order to have it back. It was also reported that RK, used foul language while expressing his anger on being stalked by the paparazzi at such odd hours.

Ranbir along with friend Ayan Mukerji, and Manmohan Shetty’s daughter Aarti Shetty, was spotted at Olive Restaurant, where he, after getting the wind of journalist queuing up in front of the restaurant, hoodwinked all in an auto rickshaw. It is also said that after reaching his residence in Pali Hill, Ranbir even challenged a few trailing ones to come and click a picture of him. Daring Huh!

Ranbir Kapoor snapped post party in Bandra
Ranbir Kapoor snapped post party in Bandra

Well! Well! Ranbir. It was you only who a few days back while at a Press conference said that “Well! There was a time, I felt very awkward and also a bit bad about it. But then I accepted that it is the part and parcel of the film industry”. What happened now? Even, not long ago Ranbir reminded a journalist “That there is a phrase in English language mind your own business”, when asked a personal question. And there have been quite a few instances where he has snapped back at media persons, when he disliked the intent of the question or the question only.

Day by day, the sweet and well-mannered Ranbir, is losing his cool. Is he becoming the newage Salman Khan? Umm! And Salman also feels the same. Lately on Koffee With Karan, Salman only quipped “This guy is taking everything away yaar. This is not fair”. Well we thought Salman meant movies, roles, stardom, awards, and in subdued words his ex-girlfriend Katrina Kaif. But little did we know RK, has also taken away Dabbang Khan’s behavior.

Still what is a little surprising and odd in Ranbir’s whole snatching-and-keeping-the-camera incident, is that what was he trying to hide or what was he running away from? And we know, Katrina was not involved in the episode. Then, what is cooking?

All we can do is wonder, what the Kapoor lad is upto!

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  1. You are stupid media, koimoi what is you problem? Mind your own business, we are not interested in anybodys personal life. Only give us article about their movies

  2. very bad publicity stuntman u can’t become salman khan with thisss ……..jab se industry mein aye ho kabhi affairs kabhi breakup krke news mein rehna toh tumko khub ata hai………bus log agar smaj ske ki je sab publicity stunt hain toh kya baat hai


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