Over a decade ago we saw Ranbir Kapoor making his unilluminated debut in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saawariya. The movie also had Salman Khan in a cameo and now the time is both the stars are coming together with their biggies – Race 3 and Sanju in a single month at the box office.


Race 3, the third part of the blockbuster franchise Race, had its biggest addition by roping in the Blockbuster Khan – Salman Khan. New director, Remo D’Souza, new members in the family; this instalment has a lot of radical changes. Also, the huge advantage that comes with most of Salman Khan films – it’s releasing on Eid.

Sanju VS Race 3
Ranbir Kapoor VS Salman Khan, Sanju VS Race 3: Who Will Rule June At The Box Office?

On the other hand we have Ranbir Kapoor who though is not in the prime time of his career but still is every director’s favourite choice. Everyone knows what this actor is capable of doing of with his impeccable talent. Just with the leaked first looks, the Sanjay Dutt biopic created an unmatched wave among the movie buffs.


Apparently titled as Sanju which was considered as Dutt before this is slated to release on 29th of June. Though we will not be surprised if the makers of Sanju change the release date; all this confusion about title and release date will finally come to end in just few hours from now. Tomorrow is the day when we finally get to see its teaser and not only Ranbir fans the entire breed of moviegoers is excited for this one. One of the major reasons behind it being the name of Rajkumar Hirani attached with it.

When the talents of Rajkumar and Ranbir will meet there surely is a hope of blockbuster explosion at the box office. Coming two weeks after Race 3, Sanju will not have any serious competition from it as the former will juice up the maximum by then.

But still, both are coming in the same month and the question of which ‘June’ movie will collect more is a valid one. What do you guys think who will rule the month of June, Sanju or Race 3? Vote your choice and do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.




  1. We all know dutt biopic will be a far far far better film than that shit film race 3 but still it will earn much much more than dutt.coz Indian audience is stupid

  2. Oohhh definitely Dutt…… Boss yeah toh Raj Kumar Hirani movie hain. Hirani movies are always special

  3. well said @pulkit. INDIAN AUDIENCE IS STUPID. If not, then how salman’s actless movie get popularity there..????!!!…

    • Naah, you are smart coz you wanted JHMS to be 500 crs film LMAO…. You guys are S#!t, Hypocrites… Don’t say others stupid just say yourselves “Salman Haters”


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