Here we present to you the First Look Poster of actor Ranbir Kapoor in and as Besharam. Directed by Abhinav Singh Kashyap, Besharam will see Ranbir in an unabashed role as the tagline of the poster reads: ‘Na Samman Ka Moh, Na Apmaan Ka Bhay’.

Coming to Ranbir’s new look, it reminds us of his ‘Tai Tai Phiss’ avatar. However, the attire surely justifies his ‘carefree’ or rather ‘shameless’ attitude. Besharam went on floors today and shall release in October, 2013.

Till then take a look at the poster right here:

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  1. Somehow one gets a feeling Ranbir could be the only actor after Salman and Shahrukh to generate that sort of fan craze and fan frenzy. Hrithik had that during the time kaho na pyar hai and a bit during dhoom but could not maintain it the way salman and shahrukh have. Ranbir seems to be the only actor in current generation who suits almost every look(that of a vagabond, a playboy, a naive innocent young man, a frustrated successful rockstar, an immature college student, a revengeful cunning politician). Shahid still has that boyish look, imran khan, the less said the better, ranvir still has a tapori look in him though he is a good actor.

    • Where is the action genre mate?????????????? In which he is completely out of race . He is a nice actor but his gay like physique doesn’t appeal for action movies n without action no actor considered a versatile.
      there has been only one none other than AMITABH BACCHAN the master of all genres and after him ANIL KAPOOR, after them no one could replicate the same versatility, Now a days each actor has his specialty……………………….

      • u asked for action genre and besharam might just turn out to be that. Ranbir is such a good actor that he will make any role believable. and secondly he DOES NOT have a gayish look. Its a fashion these days for guys to project some one as gay if they dont like him.. anyway it doesnt matter what you feel.. if he was o gay looking, he wouldnt be a play boy and have an affair with every damn heroine from deepika to katrina.


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