Ranbir kapoor
Wonder what socks Ranbir Kapoor is wearing...

We all have our own quirks, whether it’s about which shoe we put on first, what temperature the air conditioner should be on or which side of a vehicle we want to sit on. Even stars have their own strange habits, but very few like to admit them. Ranbir Kapoor opened up to Koimoi.com Editor Komal Nahta in an interview and revealed three of his obsessions:

1. Whenever Ranbir sits in a car, he sums up the numbers on the number plate of any vehicle he sees. For example: if he sees a white vehicle with the number 1 en route an important meeting, he thinks that the meeting will be a success.

2. Whenever Ranbir sees a red coloured mail van on the road, Ranbir Kapoor makes a wish, crosses his fingers and doesn’t speak a word till he sees three black cars. What if someone tries to pick a conversation in between? Simple, RK avoids talking or pretends to be asleep!

3. The Rockstar actor wears very ugly socks and they are usually mismatched. Yes, the man who has women screaming his name, who is the chocolate boy of Bollywood, has a fixation for ugly socks.

Hope Ranbir has seen a lot of red mail vans for Rockstar!

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